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Coloured Body Porcelain Stoneware

  • Wall
  • Floor



  1. Wall: Rovere Modulo

Finishing: Naturale
Color: Rovere
Size: 60x60cm (Rectified)
Thickness: 10mm

  1. Floor: Rovere

Finishing: Naturale
Color: Rovere
Size: 60x60cm (Rectified)
Thickness: 10mm


"I've chosen to save a part of the planet with a simple gesture. With Abisko, I actively help the reforestation project of a reserve, thanks to the co-operation between Rex and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)."

What you see on the wall and floor is not wood, but coloured body porcelain stoneware (tiles).

Abisko brings to you both luxury and nature. It is warmth and life, enriching your home with grace and elegance. 


  • Coloured body porcelain stoneware
  • Squared border
  • High resistance against:

Abrasion (Scratches)

Water Absorption

Chemical Abrasion

Slip Hazard

Breakage (with application of proper installation techniques)

  • Low maintenance (Easy to clean)
  • European Union (EU) Eco-label
  • Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Certification

For decoration or design purposes in public or private environments, indoors and out. Lounges, halls and lobbies, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, swimming deck.

About Coloured Body Porcelain Stoneware (Tiles)

Porcelain stoneware with continuous colour and tonal values incoporated from surface throughout the body of the tile. This results the colour and tonal values of both surface and the body of the tile being harmonized and reduces the visibility of any chips from impact, which may occur.

Made from materials of lowest water absorption levels, porcelain stoneware features an extremely dense (non-porous) and impact-resistant body with low water-absorption.
This results in highest level of technical qualities and benefits, making it a preferred material for outdoor and heavy traffic areas (with the appropriate thickness and technique of installation).
1. Bending strength (Break resistance)
2. Abrasion (scratch) resistance 
3. Stain resistance
4. Easy maintenance