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Discover GF+A 

GF+A Global is a Singapore leading large format porcelain tiles supplier. With our knowledge and experience in European high-end printing technology, large format porcelain tiles are increasingly popular for home renovation, décor and façade wall cladding. Large format porcelain tiles, also known as porcelain slabs or big slab porcelain tiles, are very versatile, which makes it suitable for any application from floor, wall to even vanity counters for both indoors and outdoors. Large format porcelain tiles also come in different looks, prints and textured such as Marble, Stone, Timber as well as glossy or matte finishes. For a tile to be "qualified" as a large format porcelain tile, the length of each porcelain slab has to be at least 2400mm or longer. At GF+A Global, you can find porcelain slabs that go up to 3200x1600mm and with its 6mm thickness, porcelain slabs are known to be one of the easiest and most lightweight tiles to work with as compared to natural materials. These porcelain slabs can meet the architectural and design demands of today’s world, comfortably surpassing the technical and aesthetic requirements.