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Koeh Sia Yong

Tiles with Art

Tiles with Art

Koeh Sia Yong was born in 1938. He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, major in Western Painting in 1958. Koeh is a key artist in Singapore representing the second generation Singapore Art.  He plays an influential role in the shaping of Singapore art.  GFA GLOBAL have the privilege to have his painting in our showroom. His mastery in the application of colour and light enables our tiles and together with his paintings to create a vibrant yet refined visual effect. Koeh Sia Yong’s paintings enable viewers to experience the rich cultural scenes of South East Asia and its people.

A Frame in Time explores life in Singapore between colonialism and self governance, merger and separation and beyond. Filmed by Film Director Kelvin Tong, the documentary starts with an iconic oil painting in the National Gallery Singapore. Featuring the works of accomplished social realist Koeh Sia Yong. The film reflect on the social issues and propositions the artists have made through their paintings. Catch them in CNA 
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 Personalization finds room among the most glamorous materials that nature has to offer. A bold proposal comes from the ever attentive observance of those who watch the latest trends. I Classici di Rex provides great personalization to the space, a play of strong contrasts to create an uncompromising design. The rigid purity of the marble blends with the varnished effect of a modern wood.Sheets in full-body porcelain stoneware in squared format reach up to 10 millimeters of thickness and have two different available finishes: soft and glossy. The marble essences fall under the Magnum Oversize large format project, giving life to an architectural language where the ceramic slabs, with their vast surfaces, become the true protagonists of the space.

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