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Indoor-Outdoor Tiles

Indoor-outdoor transitional spaces combine the comforts of indoor living with the advantages of outdoor areas, such as fresh air, the view or beauty of natural surroundings, outdoor activities, and spaciousness. 

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Icone Series

Icône Bleu celebrates one of Europe’s finest stone materials, Belgian Bluestone. Italgraniti has reinterpreted its inspiring material while retaining its geological history with harmonious colour variations and a bright micro-grain.


 Marble Look

The wide, heterogeneous range of Marble-stone-look porcelain floor tiles offered, comprises collections inspired by calcareous stones typical of the French and Belgian regions

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FMG Marble look Tiles

Floor and wall coverings that look like marble. FMG makes its mark, inspired by the timeless beauty of marble. Classic and modern at the same time, it is the perfect material for adding character, exclusiveness and elegance to any interior!

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Venetian Marble

A collection inspired by the Venetian terrazzo floorin used
since ancient times in Greece. It then reached and became
widespread in Italy, first of all thanks to the ancient Romans
and then to the Venetian nobles.

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Piemme Design

The collection designed by pierre charpin for ceramiche piemme follows movement and has no plot excepting the investigation into the language of shapes. an aesthetics of articulation which, starting with footprints, signs and shapes gives the planning of surfaces and spaces a new sensorial dimension.