E-wood is nature-friendly: it doesn’t involve chopping down trees; it conforms to the specifications for modern eco-sustainable buildings and is made of solid porcelain stoneware from Iris Ceramica with full respect for the environment in certified plants.

Available Size: 90x15x1cm |90x22.5x1cm|90x11x1cm

Surface: Natural|R9|R11|Active






ACTIVE Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic™ is obtained by the high-temperature application of micrometric particles of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which exploits photocatalysis activated by sunlight or artificial light, to allow the production of anti-pollutant, anti-bacterial technical ceramic slabs, for floor and wall coverings, that make an effective contribution to improving quality of life.

R9 – This rating indicates that the tile has a matte and smooth surface that has low static friction between the surface of the tile and the soles of ones shoes. It should only be considered for dry areas. R9 tiles are generally easier to maintain and clean due to its smooth surface.

 R11 – A tile with such a surface has increased static friction between the surface of the tile and the sole of the shoe. An R11 surface is significantly rough and not popular among Singaporeans because of the fear of difficult maintenance. An R11 surface is however necessary for areas such as ramps that are prone to being wet.

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