Les Bijoux De Rex

The artistic allure of jewel surfaces with the style and great expressive strength of the Rex brand.

The “les bijoux de rex” collection is inspired by marbles with such rare, precious surfaces that they are like genuine works of art. They range from choice minerals skillfully worked to create exquisite hand-made jewellery to wonderful marbles used in the realization of major works

Available Size with 6mm thickness: 160x320| 120x240| 80x240| 160x160| 120x120| 60x120|80x80

Available Size with 10mm thickness: 80x180| 80x80| 60x120| 60x60| 30x60

Surface: Matt | Glossy

Les quatre saisons

Jaspe rouge

Calacatta altissimo

Brèche capraia

Sodalite bleu

Marron imperial

Ombre de caravage

Onyx Blanc

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