I Classici Di Rex -Calacatta Gold

Vibrant energy reflects from the product to the project, bringing with it both nostalgia for the past and innovation for the future.

A surprising charm is born out of the dialog between materials. From classic to contemporary, the difference is in the matches especially this colour.

Personalization finds room among the most glamorous materials that nature has to offer. The rigid purity of the marble blends with the varnished effect of modern wood. Sheets in full-body porcelain stoneware in squared format reach up to 10 millimeters of thickness and have two different available finishes: soft and glossy.

Available Size with 6mm thickness:

30x120 | 60x120 | 80x80 | 60x60 | 30x60

Available Size with 10mm thickness:

160x320 | 160x160 | 120x240 | 120x120 |120x280 | 80x80 | 80x240 | 60x120

The brilliant details suggest a well-balanced luxury in which the architectures pinpoint precisely the point of contact between the traditional and the modern.

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