Icone Blanc- Surround by Charm

With its extensive ceramic know-how, Icône Bleu interprets modern architectonic

surfaces in a brand-new way.

To complete pool areas, steps and any corner of an outdoor architectonic project, Icône Bleu offers special modular pieces to guarantee a perfect Matt finish and detailing like Ligne and Deco Art

Available Size (9,5mm):

120x120cm | 60x120cm(Antislip) | 80x80 | 60x60cm | 30x60cm

Available Size for Ligne :


The Ligne cladding modules are true creative geometries, the markings of the materials, inspired by manual brush strokes, alternating with the soft, linear Icône Bleu base. Thanks to a coherent blend of styles, the Ligne 20x120 cm modules make for spectacular and exciting vertical surfaces.

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