Prexious Thunder Night

Lighting It’s hard to beat the sublime look and feel of a concrete tile and the stunning new porcelain collections emerging are as impressive as they are authentic. As do the textures, whether brilliant gloss or delicately satin-finished.

Starting from carefully selected, rare examples of marble, the colors and veining have been re-interpreted with all of Rex's technical skill and creativity and transformed into highly evocative panels of inimitable elegance with Glossy and Matt Finishing.

Available Size with 6mm thickness: 80x180| 80x80| 60x120| 30x120| 60x60| 30x60

Available Size with 10mm thickness: 160x320| 120x280| 120x240| 60x240| 160x160| 120x120| 80x80| 60x120

The design was conceived to reveal harmonious patterns when the panels are placed next to each other over large surfaces, as do the textures, whether brilliant gloss or delicately satin-finished.‎

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