Sorrento-I Bianchi di Rex

Pure but never cold. Antique and charming. Specific marble essences.

Sorrento Bianco Sorrento is a pale, delicate and warm porcelain stoneware. Sensual and charming. One of the key interpreters of the latest interior design trends with both Matt and Shiny finishing

Available Size with 6mm thickness: 160x320| 120x240| 80x240| 160x160| 120x120| 60x120|80x80

Available Size with 10mm thickness: 80x180| 80x80| 60x120| 60x60| 30x60

Sorrento, pure and popular. The most somber of the four, used since ancient times for architecture and sculptures. Best express the dominance of marble through the Magnum Oversize project: large slabs of porcelain stoneware in 6 mm thickness that transform the space, enveloping it in its totality. The charm of I Bianchi of Rex, available in the largest sizes, lends itself well to decoration as a furnishing element to complete the space.

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