Rêves de Rex

A contemporary, luxurious but balanced lifestyle.

Soft veins and subtle colour contrasts mark an essential and balanced collection
whose authentic style distances itself from bright and flashy colours.
Glossy, deep and delicate surfaces pair with various architectures,
never overshadowing but rather enhancing their space and size.
An expression of sober luxury, which characterizes the Rex style,
the Rêves collection is well-suited to creating authentic atmospheres whose
gleam and magic will be forever etched in the memory of the viewer.

Available Size with 6mm thickness: 160x320| 120x280| 120x240| 120x120| 60x120

Available Size with 10mm thickness: 80x180| 60x120| 60x60| 30x60

Surface: Matt | Glossy

Reves Perle

Reves Noisette

Reves Bleu

Reves Choco

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