Rex I Classic

A strong aesthetic character for us to create architectural areas, using an approach that is personal and free of pre-defined constraints, designing authentic settings, fully in tune with our personal concepts of living.

Rex I Classic Series provides Bookcase Series and load ranges of size and length.

Available Size: 60x60cmx1cm|80x80x1cm|30x120x1cm|30x60x1cm

Surface: Soft| Glossy 

Available Size: 30x120x1cm |60x120x1cm|80x80x1cm

Surface: Soft| Glossy

Available Size: 160x320x1cm |120x280x1cm|120x240x1cm|80x240x1cm|160x160x1cm|120x120x1cm

Surface: Soft| Glossy

Statuario Soft Matt

Marquinia Mattee Matt

Calacatta Gold 


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